An online webinar about stepping outside your comfort zone, reaffirming your understanding of lash techniques and nurturing your craft into profibility.


In short, this is a webinar about making sure you know your stuff, there's a lot of changes being introduced to the world and now, more than ever is the time to be serious. Be serious about your craft, about your direction, and using this time to prepare your strike.


If you are unsure about lashing, have questions of uncertanity, want to know why you're not bringing in clients, trying to prepare your business then this is the webinar you don't want to miss.


You do not have to be certified in lash training however, a bulk of this webinar will solely focus on perfecting your lash sets.


Topics that are being speciifcially covered:

- Isolating through layers

- Laying extensions with different curls and length

- Proper and painless lash removal

- Micromovement and fan making

- Home-based to work base, how to transition from working at home to work in your own studio or at a studio, what is required of you

- Mental clarity to create a plan of execution


By the end of this webinar, you will have:

- Gained confidence and clear understanding of classic and volume techniques

- Created a plan of execution to gain clientele and sales

- Different ways of customizing your lash sets

- Joined an online community to offer support on your lash journey


Once you have registered for training, please check your email for further instructions pertaining to class. Feel free to utilize the the webchat and/or email for any questions regarding class.



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